Historical Trauma Resources

Valentin Lopez, Chairperson, Amah Mutsun tribe, webpage: www.amahmutsun.org

Facebook@ViewKizh Nation:Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians
Petitions by Toypurina Curac

‘Cross of Thorns’: The Enslavement of California’s Indians by the Spanish Missions’,
Castillo, Elias. 2015

‘Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery’, Newcomb, Steven, 2008.

Steve Newcomb, Native American Law Scholar, will have a new documentary out soon on the Doctrine of Discovery. Numerous articles in Indian Country Today.

‘The Missions of California: A Legacy of Genocide’, Costo, Rupert and Jeannette, 1987, Indian Historian Press

‘Post-Colonial Native American Psychology’, Duran, Eduardo.

‘Buddha in Redface’, Duran, Eduardo.

Maria Yellowhorse Braveheart—books, Takini healing center

White Bison group—a non-profit group that gives seminars on the subject of healing historical trauma both in Canada and the U.S.

‘A Little Matter of Genocide’, Churchill, Ward, 1997, City Lights.

‘American Holocaust’, Stannard, David, 1992, Oxford.

‘Exterminate Them: Written Accounts of Murder, Rape and Enslavement of Native Americans During the California Gold Rush’, Trafzer, Joel, 1999, Michigan State Press

‘The Destruction of California Indians’, Heizer, Robert 1993.

‘Indians of California: The Changing Image’, Rawles, James, 1984, University of Oklahoma Press

‘The Definitive Biography of Adolph Hitler’, Toland, John—pg 702—quote of Hitler admiring the domination techniques used on Native Americans.

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