Hozhonahaslíí: Stories of Healing the Soul Wound

This film was made as part of the healing process occurring on the Navajo Nation and in many other parts of the world in regards to historical trauma. In it, the personal testimonies, memories, and reflections of the Dine’ (the Navajo) from a community in Northern Arizona are interwoven with commentaries by Dr. Eduardo Duran, noted Native American psychologist who has done groundbreaking work in the area of postcolonial healing for many years. While it focuses on the Dine’, the story is true for many Native peoples who have been colonized.

In October, 2012, this DVD was approved for use in healing the soul wound by the Association of Navajo Medicine Men.

Beginning the Conversation: Anam Thubten and Val Lopez

The Sacred Dream Project: Kayenta, Arizona

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